Travel Photography Adventure in South India: January 4-24

India - Allen Rokach

This intensive travel photography workshop takes participants to South India, one of the world’s most exotic and colorful destinations. I’ve been to India numerous times and can tell you that it is a photographer’s dream — visually rich and culturally fascinating. South India is home to fabulous Hindu temples, colorful markets, fascinating villages, unspoiled beaches, misty hillside plantations and much more, offering a stunning array of photographic opportunities.

This workshop will pay special attention to the needs of photographers. The group is limited to ten participants. That means you’ll have plenty of individual attention in the field and enough time in each location for serious photography. We’ll have opportunities to respond to the unexpected and even for review sessions every few days along the way.

For more information and to register, contact Allen at or 646-519-1751. Note: this workshop is almost full.